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Log Cabin

The Log Cabin was built between 1978-1980 by hand with logs purchased from Pastor Tom and wife Bev Gunderson who used to pastor Calvary Covenant Church in Alpha, WI.  Calvary had made use of the property for many years before it became The Wilderness Fellowship Ministries.  Tom and Bev had adopted two children from Korea and also gave birth to another daughter whom they named April. Tom’s desire and dream was to one day build a log cabin with April so as we understand it they cut the logs with that dream in mind.  However, life throws at us sometimes the most difficult curves which change our plans and dreams.  April, along with her niece were tragically killed in a car accident which devastated those dreams and plans.  After this tragedy the logs were purchased from Tom and Bev having a plan much bigger in size than what Tom and Bev had originally planned, we “stretched” the building to 20′ x 30′ and it has served groups since it was opened in the early 1980’s.

Cabin Information

The Log Cabin is a cozy hike-in cabin nestled in the woods just up the hill from the three-season shower house.

  • No electricity
  • Gas lights. You will want extra light. Bring lanterns.
  • Heat: Wood stove
  • Kitchen: Gas range and refrigerator, sink and counter. Water is carried in from the pump; bring your own jug/container for water.
  • Are you thinking of bringing your youth group? PLEASE READ Group Requirements For Youth Groups which affect the use of the range if your group includes minors whose parents will not be here with them. Please be sure to talk to a staff member about these Group Requirements For Youth Groups when making a reservation.
  • Sleeping: A bedroom on the main floor has a double bed, and two lofts have mattresses on the floor. Sleeps 18 to 20 people.
  • Minimal tenting area
  • Tetherball
  • A fire ring is set up for group campfires and is located in front of the cabin. Inquire at the office for campfire wood to purchase, or gather dead fall from the woods.

family cabins group cabins retreat cabins Log Cabin Main Floor
Log Cabin Main Floor

Please Review Our:


Group Cabin Policies apply to any Group Cabins reserved by a group. Our definition of a “group” is a group of people who are mostly not an immediate family consisting of a dad, mom and their immediate children. In other words, they are affiliated by organization, not necessarily related. Example: youth group, church group, young adults, organized club, scouts, etc.

Family Cabin Policies apply to any Family Cabins reserved by a family. Our definition of a “family” is simply that unit made up of Dad and/or Mom and their own immediate children. For example, 2 brothers and their wives and children would be considered 2 families.

family cabins group cabins retreat cabins Log Cabin Kitchen
Log Cabin Kitchen

What to Bring

  • As a point of health and consideration for all guests, please bring ONLY freshly washed and machine-dried bed linens, blankets, sleeping bags, and cases on pillows. This cabin has 4-inch thick foam mattresses.
  • A jug/container for your water, any pots/pans/dishes you need for your meals, cooking, serving and eating utensils, dish soap, dish cloths, towels, bedding, flashlights, LANTERNS (there is no electricity), matches for campfire, money to purchase firewood for campfires ($3/box), bug repellant, hand sanitizer, games, etc.

family cabins group cabins retreat cabins Log Cabin Loft
Log Cabin Loft


Can I come before the 3 pm check-in time?

You are welcome to come enjoy The Wilderness, walk trails or sit by the lake, however, the earliest facility “check in” time is 3 pm. Please make every effort to keep the check in time you told us when you made your reservation and is on your confirmation email. If you are going to be late, please call and let us know your arrival time. (Please leave a message if no answer.)

Do you keep my credit card number on file?

We are able to keep your credit card on file in a safe, PCI-compliant manner. Rest assured the details of your credit card cannot be seen, shared, or accessed. We won’t make any charges to your credit card unless you incur a cancellation fee, and you will be notified of such.

Are pets allowed?

No pets or animals of any kind are allowed in any of our facilities. The only exception to this policy is a service animal.

Why do you ask for my credit card number?

We ask for your credit card number so that in the event of a cancellation or no-show, TWFM has a way of charging you a cancellation fee, according to our cancellation policy. Other than the cancellation fee, we do not charge anything to your credit card.

Can we drive up to the Group Cabins?

No. Please do not drive your vehicle to the front door of our Group Cabins. There are signs which clearly mark where you can and cannot drive. Please respect these directions.

Windy Hill Farm House

It is a very short walk across the lawn from the parking lot to the Farm House; NO vehicles allowed on the grass!

Log Cabin

It is a short hike into the woods from the road to the Log Cabin; NO vehicles are allowed on the trail, off the road.

Lakeside Cabin

The Lakeside Cabin is the only Group Cabin where vehicles and pop-up camping trailers are allowed to park on the grass in front of the cabin. WINTER NOTE: The road to Lakeside Cabin is closed during the winter, the cabin is hike in access only during these months. 

Do you provide linens?

No, TWFM does not provide linens. You must bring your own linens, pillows and personal towels. As a point of health and consideration for all guests, please bring ONLY freshly washed and machine-dried bed linens, blankets, sleeping bags, etc. The Group Cabins have 4-inch thick foam mattresses.

Do we need to bring our own pots, pans and utensils?

Yes, you need to bring everything you need to prepare and eat your own food, including your own jug/container for water, pots, pans, utensils, dishes, hot pads, dish cloths, and dish soap.

Do we need to provide our own firewood to heat the cabin?

No, TWFM provides firewood to heat the Group Cabins. If you want wood for a campfire, you’ll need to purchase it at the office, $4/bundle.

Is there a place for a campfire at each group/family cabin?

Yes, each Group Cabin has its own campfire pit. Firewood is available for purchase at the office, $4/bundle.

family cabins group cabins retreat cabins Log Cabin Wood Stove
Log Cabin Wood Stove
Log Cabin Outhouse
Log Cabin Outhouse

How to Reserve

Group / Family Cabins must be reserved in advance and are available on a suggested minimum donation basis.