Guests do not pre-pay in advance. The ministry of The Wilderness Fellowship is primarily supported by individual donations. You will find a donation envelope at each cabin which we want you to use for your donation, which you will drop off at the office when you leave. The suggested minimum donation for the use of each of our facilities is shown below. If you are unable to leave the suggested amount, PLEASE, do not hesitate to come! Our heart is that no one be denied for lack of finances.

“Let each man give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord your God which he has given you.” Deut. 16:17

If the Lord has blessed you with more finances, we encourage you to share a larger gift as a ministry to those who cannot leave the suggested minimum donation. This will allow us to keep the cabins available to all who want to come for a quiet time of prayer and refreshment with their Lord Jesus. It will also help us maintain present and future facilities.

A tax receipt is issued by mail which shows the full amount you gave, however, the IRS only allows you to claim as “tax deductible” any extra that you are able to share which is over and above the suggested minimum donation amount.

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Prayer Cabins

Besel • Bo • Embrace • Hope • Klawitter • Mercy • Timothy • Westrom • Whisper
Prayer Cabins in Wisconsin

Suggested Minimum Donation:

$60 / night for one guest
$80 / night for two guests

Group / Family Cabins

Lakeside Cabin • Log Cabin • Windy Hill Farm House
group cabin family cabin retreat cabin Windy Hill Farm House Exterior in Winter

Suggested Minimum Donation:

$15 per person per night (Group Definition)
$65 per family per night (Family Definition)

Group Definition Individuals who are associated with one another by organization, not necessarily related to one another (such as a youth group, a women’s group, scouts, etc.).

Family Definition One or both parents and their children.

Tent / Trailer Camping

Any Campground Site, Tent or Trailer‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌
Tent Trailer Camping

Suggested Minimum Donation:

$5 per person per night

Campsites can accommodate tents or pop-up trailers, but not RVs. No hookups for water or electricity.

Johnson Hall

Upper Level of Fellowship Center
Johnson Hall Banquet Setup

Suggested Minimum Donation:

Guests: $125 per day
Visitors: $250 per day

Guests Those reserving other facilities at the same time as Johnson Hall.

Visitors Those reserving Johnson Hall only for the day.

Founders Fireside Retreat Center

Lower Level of Fellowship Center
Founders Fireside Retreat Center Suggested Minimum Donation

Suggested Minimum Donation:

Overnight: $35 per person per night
Day Use Guests: $125 per day
Day Use Visitors: $250 per day

Guests Those reserving other facilities at the same time as FFRC.

Visitors Those who are reserving FFRC only for the day.

Can accommodate 12 adults max, in 2 rooms with multiple beds in each room.

Couples Room

Modern and Multi-functional
Wilderness Fellowship Couples Room - Fostering growth in your relationship with Jesus Christ and each other

Suggested Minimum Donation:

$95 per couple, per night

Two separate rooms (located within the Founders Fireside Retreat Center), each with one queen size bed, access to modern bathrooms, showers and kitchen.

Accommodates 1 or 2 married couples.

Available for advance bookings Monday – Thursday nights, but only available for weekend bookings (Friday – Sunday) on short notice, the week of arrival, if FFRC is available.