This page lets you select the type of facility you wish check for facility availability.

Prior to making a reservation, select the type(s) of facility you wish to check availability. Each facility type availability page provides a 6+ month view of each individual facility availability calendar for that type of facility and opens in a new tab, so you can switch between tabs to view availability for different facility types, if desired. For information about a facility type, click the relevant facility type info button.

Prayer Cabin Availability

Prayer Cabin Availability*

* Loads in about 45 seconds.

Group / Family Cabin Availability

Group/Family Cabin AvailabilityMake a Reservation!Group/Family Cabin Info

Johnson Hall and Retreat Center Availability

Fellowship Center AvailabilityMake a Reservation!Fellowship Center Info

Couples Room Availability

Call us at 715-488-8564 for Couples Room availability.

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Campsite Availability at Wilderness Fellowship Ministries

Campsite Availability

Call us at 715-488-8564 for Campsite availability.

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