March 25th - 26th

Conference begins in:

2022/03/25 19:00:00

Sponsored by The Wilderness, Hosted by Adventure Church

Can a whisper be deafening? Can a shout, not be heard?  With noise all around us, have we become hard of hearing? Yet, in the midst of more noise than ever before, there is a voice that whispers loudly over the crowd. It calls!  It beckons! It speaks in the midst of the thunder! Can you hear it?  It’s promised to always be there if we will listen. If you want to learn to hear, recognize and respond, join us for the Northwoods Conference March 25-26 as together we learn to hear– His Voice!


  • Brian Fenimore

    Brian Fenimore

Brian Fenimore

Brian Fenimore is the Chairman and CEO of Plumbline Ministries. Plumbline Ministries is a team of faith missionaries that exists to help you experience renewal, make disciples and reach the community for Jesus Christ. They offer Biblically-centered tools and training centers that help the body of Christ.

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    Carl Wesley Anderson

Carl Wesley Anderson

Reverend Carl Wesley Anderson is an international equipping evangelist and documentary filmmaker.  His vision, through itinerant ministry and his unique calling as a Media Missionary, is to inspire and equip believers for passionate discipleship and hearing God’s voice.

Carl is the author of LOVE SPEAKS as well as the writer/director/producer of the LOVE SPEAKS film series.

He is also the Executive Director of Born To Blaze Ministries which produces and publishes quality evangelistic content like LOVE SPEAKS & FROM HISTORY TO HOPE in order to impact others, grow others spiritually and advance the kingdom of God.

Get to know Carl by following him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  He loves to interact with readers and viewers of LOVE SPEAKS – and he hopes that you will join in the conversations too.




Adventure Church, Siren, WI

Adventure Church Main Campus building

To find our more about Adventure Church you can visit their website at:

Northwoods Conference will be hosted at Adventure Church in Siren, WI!


23985 WI-35
Siren WI. 54872​


Subject to change.


7:00 PM – MAIN SESSION – Carl Wesley Anderson


9:00 AM – MAIN SESSION – Brian Fenimore

11:00 AM – Breakout Sessions

2:00 PM – MAIN SESSION – Carl Wesley Anderson

4:00 PM – Breakout Sessions

7:00 PM – MAIN SESSION – Brian Fenimore


Please register by March 18th, 2022, by calling 715-488-8564, or use the form below to register online.

It’s super helpful if you can register so that we can have an accurate idea of how many people are coming, but registration is not required to attend the conference.


We are operating this conference on a complete donation basis. There will be opportunities to donate during the conference.