What an exciting time to be a part of The Wilderness Fellowship Ministries!


Wilderness Fellowship Vision Fellowship Center

Wilderness Fellowship – Fellowship Center

There is no doubt that God is moving and preparing us for something more. We are more enthusiastic than ever about the potential of this place.

The Fellowship Center is now being used more fully than ever before as a central gathering place for youth retreats, family gatherings and reunions, adult meetings, prayer groups, seminars, worship, teaching and training. Groups using the facilities will find that the kitchen, bathrooms, sitting areas with fireplaces and decks make their stay at The Wilderness more comfortable and enjoyable. As a catalyst for the growth and utilization of the rest of the facilities, the Fellowship Center plays a vital and central role.

Wilderness Fellowship Vision Retreat Center

Wilderness Fellowship Founders Fireside Retreat Center

More and more guests are using the group facilities for eating, sleeping, interacting and just having a good time. Activities that include Bible study, worship, prayer and serious conversation, set apart from the usual surroundings of home and church, are spiritually impacting youth and adults alike.

Wilderness Fellowship Vision Prayer Cabins

Wilderness Fellowship Besel Prayer Cabin

The Prayer Cabin Village is growing not only in number of cabins, now totaling 10, but also in usage. With the newly completed road that expands the Prayer Cabin Village area, the stage is set for 9 or 10 more Prayer Cabins and a new Shower House facility to serve the new cabins. These cabins meet the spiritual and rest needs of individuals and couples seeking intimacy with God and their loved ones in a powerful way. The additional cabins will be in as much demand as the present ones, booked almost every night of the week. An expanded ministry of prayer, spiritual direction, marriage retreats and more could open up even more possibilities and ways to meet the needs for the growing numbers of people using these facilities.

As more people use The Wilderness facilities, we see lives impacted by their encounter with Jesus. From a functionality and business side, this also brings more financial and prayer support for the organization. With more income, staff could be increased to take care of the precious resources of property and meet the growing program needs of The Wilderness guests, and grow TWFM into all that God has for it.

Wilderness Fellowship God-centered Vision

A God-centered vision for the future of The Wilderness Fellowship Ministries

As God is preparing us for what He has prepared for us, our excitement and vision grows. There is a growing vision and desire to daily move ahead into everything that God has prepared for us. With additional prayer cabins and perhaps even anniversary cabins where a married couple can celebrate their special days, more group/family cabins, and a bunkhouse-type facility to house those using the Johnson Hall and overflow of the Founders Fireside Retreat Center, and a growing sense that God is preparing TWFM to be a training and sending center, our vision grows and we dream bigger dreams.

Wilderness Fellowship Vision Group Cabins

Wilderness Fellowship Lakeside Group Cabin

More than ever before we’ve seen an increase in the needs of our guests. Their desire and need for a time alone with Jesus is greater than ever before. We want to be a consistent place of growth and intimacy with God. We also see the need for additional staff and staff housing to accommodate those needs. We are trusting God to bring the resources and provide for the additional growth of The Wilderness Fellowship Ministries.