Volunteers Needed!

Would you like to donate a few hours? We have need of volunteer workers who have any level of skills — whether skills of a trade or unskilled, willing workers — to work on various projects.

Thank You to Our Volunteers!

Family Service Vacation Idea!

What if you were to come and stay as a family and serve a few hours each day? We have projects that could be done as a family that would be a big help.

In the Volunteer Opportunities form below, browse our current list of Projects Needing Volunteers and Trade Skills Needed. If interested, fill out the form, below, or call us 715-488-8564 or email us at office@wildernessfellowship.com and we will get in touch with you.

The Wilderness Fellowship Volunteer Opportunities Form

  • Trade Skills Needed

    We have need for volunteers with the following trade skills. Please select any trade skills you have that you would be willing to volunteer some of your time to projects and we will contact you.
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    How about donating a few hours? We have need for volunteers on a variety of projects.
    Please select one or more projects you would like to help us out with and we will contact you.
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