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Besel Prayer Cabin

Be Ever Secure in the Everlasting Lord and in His Love

The birth of the Besel Prayer Cabin. The Besel Family has been involved with The Wilderness for over 30 years. While Rich and Kris Besel were serving on summer staff in 1982, Rich helped Randy build the walls of the Fellowship Center, then years later came back to help build the Klawitter Prayer Cabin and the Timothy Prayer Cabin. The extended Besel family got involved putting up the final build of the Westrom Prayer Cabin on a wintry weekend in February of 2008.

The seeds of building a fifth retreat cabin in honor of Rich’s mom and dad and to the glory of God were planted and slowly watered. Pretty soon pencils hit paper and designs began to show up.


Reinhart and Millie Besel

Reinhart and Millie Besel

The Besel project really took off when Reinhart and Mildred Besel (Patriarch and Matriarch of the Besel clan) let us know that they wanted to infuse the project with the financial backing needed to move us off paper and into the dirt. So we gathered one beautiful fall day in 2013 and after reviewing a few potential building sites, the choice was unanimous and the project was off and running. On July 14, 2016, Reinhart Besel went home to be with Jesus His Lord.  The vision and legacy he and Millie leave through this prayer cabin will be a great blessing to hundreds of people for years to come.

Having been a school teacher and now a farmer’s wife, the ABC’s of history, golden harvests, oinking of pigs, the cackle of chickens and Millie’s desire for learning and teaching had a profound impact on the family generations. This impact continues to this day. With over ten of the Besel Clan already involved in the education field, it only seemed right that “Teach Me Thy Ways, Oh Lord” became the theme of this beautifully handcrafted, dovetailed, log building.

God also used the base of a good farm to teach the Besel family His ways. This truth was lived out before them each day as they would depend upon the Lord to teach them the Biblical principles of sowing and reaping through planting and harvest, while taking responsibility for growing animals and caring for the land. Therefore, these farming themes are woven in and throughout this comfortable and cozy little cabin all wrapped up in the Father’s Love.

Early on they saw the opportunity to give the letters of their name B.E.S.E.L. a deeper meaning and want you to “Be Ever Secure (in the) Everlasting Lord (and in His) Love” while visiting this cabin. Now after 2 years of building, the Besel Family invites you to come and Abide in His presence.

Cabin Information

The Besel Prayer Cabin is a handcrafted, dovetail-type log building tucked into the woods and set into the cove of a steep hillside. With it’s “single level” floor plan it truly is a little log cabin suite. It boasts a beautiful gas fireplace, electric heat, air conditioning, microwave, toaster, refrigerator, coffee maker, a few basic dishes, silverware, a sink and water jug for drinking and cooking needs, and miscellaneous utensils.

To make your stay as comfortable as possible a queen-sized bed, table and chairs, swivel/glider rocker, and a comfortable twin sleeper chair are provided.

Both a very modern, well lit, heated pit toilet is near the cabin and a fully modern bathroom with shower is available close by.  View a photo tour of our shower house and outhouses.

To access the prayer cabin, a short downhill hike is required.

There is a fire ring area that the Prayer Cabin guests can share and firewood for campfires is available for purchase on site. Check with the office.

Besel Prayer Cabin Dinette View of Forest
Besel Prayer Cabin Dinette View of Forest

How the Besel Cabin was built!

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Please Review Our:

Besel Cabin is a short downhill walk from the parking area to the cabin. The steepest part of the hill is approximately a 14 degree slope. If you have mobility issues, please take this into consideration.

Besel Prayer Cabin Comfortable and Cozy Living Area
Besel Prayer Cabin Comfortable and Cozy Living Area

What to Bring

  • Bedding for queen size bed: sheets, blankets, pillow, sleeping bag, etc.  Bedding MUST be freshly washed and machine-dried.
  • Bath towel
  • Toiletries / personal care items
  • Simple food that can be cooked in the microwave or hot pot
  • Flashlight
  • Reading material
  • Bible
  • We suggest slippers
Besel Prayer Cabin Ramp Entrance
Besel Prayer Cabin Ramp Entrance

How to Reserve

Prayer Cabins must be reserved in advance and are available on a suggested minimum donation basis.
Besel Prayer Cabin Kitchenette
Besel Prayer Cabin Kitchenette

Give a Prayer Cabin Gift Certificate!

Customized Prayer Cabin gift certificates are available to help you to give a special and unique gift to someone you care about.  Suggestions: Pastors, Friends, Family, Wedding Gift, Anniversaries, Christmas, Birthdays.
The Wilderness Fellowship Gift Certificates
The Wilderness Fellowship Gift Certificate


How have these Prayer Cabins come to be?

Many of the prayer cabins has been provided for by a specific family in honor or memory of a loved one.  These families have provided/donated all the necessary funds and input to build the cabin. We work closely with each family to create a cabin fitting to our call and mission. You could also invest in hundreds of people’s lives by funding a cabin. Please contact Randy if interested.

Are there bathrooms in the prayer cabins?

Modern, lighted, heated, no smell outhouses are located close by.  Also, there is a fully modern shower house and flush toilets that serves the whole prayer cabins village.  See photos of the modern shower house and outhouses.

Can I come before the 3 pm check-in time?

You are welcome to come enjoy The Wilderness, walk trails or sit by the lake, however, the earliest facility “check in” time is 3 pm. Please make every effort to keep the check in time you told us when you made your reservation and is on your confirmation email. If you are going to be late, please call and let us know your arrival time. (Please leave a message if no answer.)

Do you keep my credit card number on file?

We are able to keep your credit card on file in a safe, PCI-compliant manner. Rest assured the details of your credit card cannot be seen, shared, or accessed. We won’t make any charges to your credit card unless you incur a cancellation fee, and you will be notified of such.

Do you provide linens?

No, TWFM does not provide linens. The bed is a queen size bed. You will need to bring your own pillow and as a point of health and consideration for all guests, please bring ONLY freshly washed and machine-dried bed linens, blankets, sleeping bag, etc. You must also bring your own personal towels. (A dish towel and a dish cloth are the only towels we provide.)

Are pets allowed?

No pets or animals of any kind are allowed in any of our facilities. The only exception to this policy are ADA certified service animals.

Are the Prayer Cabins heated and/or air conditioned?

Yes, the Prayer Cabins are heated with electric heat in the winter, and they are air conditioned in the summer. They also have windows that open, during those times of the year when neither heat nor cooling is needed.

Is there Wi-Fi at the Prayer Cabins?

No. Wi-Fi service is not available at the Prayer Cabins.

Is there a place for a campfire close to the cabin?

Yes, there is one campfire pit, not far from the Prayer Cabins, for the guests of the Prayer Cabins to enjoy. Wood for campfires may be purchased at the office, $4/bundle.

How close do we park to the Prayer Cabins?

It is a short hike from the parking lot to the Prayer Cabins.

Why do you ask for my credit card number?

We ask for your credit card number so that in the event of a cancellation or no-show, TWFM has a way of charging you a cancellation fee, according to our cancellation policy. Other than the cancellation fee, we do not charge anything to your credit card.