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Johnson Hall

Johnson Hall is great for large group gatherings, receptions, family reunions, worship times and even day-long church outings.

Johnson Hall is named after Clarence and Myrtle Johnson, Lois Klawitter’s parents who donated the first 90 acres of land for the development of a ministry center. The panoramic view from this majestic room will cause you to be in awe of God’s beautiful creation. Its 60′ span with huge log beams in the open log truss roof structure draws the eyes upward and causes the mind to say, “How does that stay up there?”

Facility Information

Johnson Hall is the upper level of the Fellowship Center. Johnson Hall is air-conditioned, contains a large kitchen, a huge fieldstone fireplace and a handicap accessible bathroom. A basic built-in sound system is available if needed. The wrap-around deck off two sections of the building makes sitting outdoors great on those long summer nights. Firewood for campfires is available for purchase on site.

Johnson Hall Setup with Round Tables, Chairs and Food Serving Tables
Johnson Hall Setup with Round Tables, Chairs and Food Serving Tables

Please Review Our:


Johnson Hall Visitors Policies apply to Johnson Hall reserved as Visitors. Our definition of “visitors” is those who are reserving Johnson Hall only.

Johnson Hall Guests Policies apply to Johnson Hall reserved as Guests. Our definition of “guests” is those reserving other facilities at the same time as Johnson Hall.


Can I come before the 3 pm check-in time?

You are welcome to come enjoy The Wilderness, walk trails or sit by the lake, however, the earliest facility “check in” time is 3 pm. Please make every effort to keep the check in time you told us when you made your reservation and is on your confirmation email. If you are going to be late, please call and let us know your arrival time. (Please leave a message if no answer.)

Do you keep my credit card number on file?

We are able to keep your credit card on file in a safe, PCI-compliant manner. Rest assured the details of your credit card cannot be seen, shared, or accessed. We won’t make any charges to your credit card unless you incur a cancellation fee, and you will be notified of such.

How is the Johnson Hall kitchen equipped?

The Johnson Hall kitchen has 2 full-size ranges, a commercial size refrigerator, and one upright freezer. Also available are percolators for coffee – one that holds 30-40 cups, and one larger than that (bring your own coffee). There are NO utensils, pots, pans, dishes, dish cloths, towels or dish soap. Bring everything you need for preparing and eating your own food.

Do we need to bring our own pots, pans and utensils?

Yes, you need to bring everything you need to prepare and eat your own food, including pots, pans, utensils, dishes, hot pads, dish cloths, and dish soap.

Does Johnson Hall have a projector, screen and sound system we can use?

Johnson Hall has a projector, screen and a sound system you can use. To connect to the projector you will need to bring your own cables (HDMI or VGA + 3.5mm audio).

Is there Wi-Fi available at Johnson Hall?

Yes, there is Wi-Fi available in the Johnson Hall. Ask for a Wi-Fi password when you check-in at the office for your reservation.

Are pets allowed?

No pets or animals of any kind are allowed in any of our facilities. The only exception to this policy are ADA certified service animals.

Why do you ask for my credit card number?

We ask for your credit card number so that in the event of a cancellation or no-show, TWFM has a way of charging you a cancellation fee, according to our cancellation policy. Other than the cancellation fee, we do not charge anything to your credit card.

Johnson Hall Podium View
Johnson Hall Podium View

How to Reserve

The Johnson Hall must be reserved in advance and is available on a suggested minimum donation basis.
Johnson Hall Large Modern Kitchen
Johnson Hall Large Modern Kitchen
Johnson Hall Chairs Setup with Center Aisle
Johnson Hall Chairs Setup with Center Aisle
Johnson Hall Wrap-around Deck
Johnson Hall Wrap-around Deck