Michael Johnson serves full-time on the grounds and maintenance team.  He has jumped in on things that make the grounds look better and work better. With a “farmboy” upbringing and service in the US Air Force his skills and “get right to it” attitude and willingness to try is a real asset to TWFM.  Michael grew up right next to The Wilderness, as his parents built and lived in the big house sitting right at our entrance on M. Currently his commute to work is about 2 minutes since he and his wife, their two children, dogs, cats, chickens, cattle, pigs and livestock guarding dogs and probably more critters, live and farm just around the block.  He said he had always dreamt of the possibility of working in his childhood backyard. He knows the land and trails by heart and so willingly pitches right in wherever needed always looking for things that he could do and if not finding them he comes asking where he should focus.  We are grateful to have Michael with us!