Ethan Klawitter Maintenance

Ethan & Christa Klawitter and daughter Emma

Ethan was born and raised in Frederic Wisconsin with TWFM as his backyard. Ethan enjoyed many hobbies growing up, from sports like biking & swimming to music, art, legos and mechanics. His love for legos and mechanics eventually lead to a love for fine woodworking as well as fabrication. And really any skill that involves creating and working with his hands.

In 2014 Ethan married the love of his life, Christa, and they were soon blessed with their daughter Emma.

Ethan started at TWFM in 2014. A few of those years he had the honor and privilege to work as the Associate Director under his Father, Randy. The Klawitter family stepped back from ministry work in 2017 for a few years. Ethan’s family had a refreshing sabbatical after they moved to Tulsa OK. where he worked as an Airline Emergency Slide Technician. In 2020 Ethan and Christa agreed that they were being called back to Wisconsin and to The Wilderness. They spent some of 2020 as volunteers at TWFM and in 2021 Ethan took on the roll of Lead Maintenance & Mechanics and Grounds Maintenance. Ethan and His family have started a small hobby farm here at TWFM where they have chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, goats and 1 pig. If you stop to see the animals, you are almost guaranteed to find Emma ready to introduce you to any and all of the animals. Ethan is excited for whatever God has in store for him in fulfilling God’s mission here at TWFM.