Fourteen years ago, I took my first group of students to The Wilderness. Since that time over three hundred students have wandered the trails, paddled the lakes, and slid down the hills. We have been truly blessed by the staff, first by Dick and his wife, and now by Randy and his family. These are the people that God has given a special gift to provide for others. That has been especially evident with the building of the prayer cabins. Our school has again been blessed by helping with small projects in the construction of these facilities. I can’t begin to relate all the changes in lives that have begun through chapels and experiences directly related to The Wilderness Fellowship. We have seen the Chapel (Fellowship Center) change over these years and what a blessing it will be to see it in its completed form. It is truly holy ground.

Volleyball, canoeing, hiking, camping, fishing, skiing, hayrides (winter and summer), working, and a lot of just plain having fun have been part of our experiences over these years. These are all great and will continue to be. But the most important aspect that has kept us coming back for all these years is God’s presence there. Even as I write this I can feel His Spirit that is so evident at Wilderness Fellowship. How meaningful are the words that this camp was founded under “I will take my children into the wilderness, and there I will speak tenderly to them” Hosea 2:14. This has been our experience for fourteen years.

Dennis Martin, Dean of Students, Christian Life School