Wilderness Fellowship Board Member Keith Brask with wife Cindy

Board Member Keith Brask with wife Cindy

I live in Lakeville, Minnesota, with my wife, Cindy, and son Matthew (13), and daughter Rachel (10). I’m a Residential Contractor, and I’ve been building for 40 years. I joined TWFM board 21 years ago and joke that I got grandfathered into the board.

The Wilderness Fellowship has a special place in my heart because it is part of my family heritage. My great grandfather homesteaded The Wilderness property in the 1800’s. My grandfather cleared the adjoining property to the north for farming and built the home where my dad and I were born and raised. My dad took over the farm when my grandfather retired and farmed his whole life. As a kid, I went hunting and horseback riding in those woods and got to know every hill and trail. I have watched The Wilderness grow and develop from the very start and have seen God’s faithfulness at work through the years. I am proud that part of my heritage has been used to touch thousands of lives through the years. A godly heritage is a wonderful gift to be treasured. The Bible encourages us to teach God’s Word to our children, ensuring the gospel will be passed on to every generation. (Psalm 78:4).

It has been a blessing to have had a small part in what God is doing. Meeting with Randy, the staff, and the board members has been a privilege. We look forward to what God is going to do next.