Wilderness Fellowship Board Member Dave Jore with wife Judith

Board Member Dave Jore with wife Judith

I am a Lutheran pastor, having served most of my ministry on the staff of the Lay Ministry Training Center (LMTC) in St. Paul. During the past few years I have been an interim pastor in various Lutheran churches. I am married to Judith and we have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. Two of our children, Jon and Elizabeth, have been summer volunteers at The Wilderness.

Throughout the past nearly 40 years Judith and I have enjoyed participating in various aspects of The Wilderness such as: bringing youth groups for summer work weeks, having fall retreats for the students and staff of LMTC, and being refreshed by spending time at the prayer cabins. It is a privilege for me to serve on The Wilderness Board, having done so now for several years.

In Mark 6:31 we read these words of invitation from Jesus:

“Now come along to some quiet place by yourselves, and rest for a little while.” (Phillip’s Translation)

The Lord has provided a wonderful “quiet place” at The Wilderness for God’s people to be refreshed, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I have experienced this refreshment many times, and as a Board member invite you to also “come…and rest for a little while” at The Wilderness.