Life is About Preparation

Isn’t life about preparation? Expectant mothers eat healthy in preparation for the new arrival. Students study hard in preparation for that upcoming test. Teens practice parking between poles to prepare for their driving test. Brides spend long hours musing over their big day with expectations it will be perfect. Adults salt away a little each paycheck to help with a child’s education or that retirement nest egg. Father gave us Jesus and Jesus sent Holy Spirit to give us life and prepare us for eternity. Life is about preparation and we want you to be prepared spirit, soul and body.


We explore the many aspects of these three areas of life: spirit, soul and body. Each Prepare Series event has something for everyone. Whether dream interpretation, estate planning, or canning the garden’s produce, we bring in friendly, knowledgeable individuals to give instruction and understanding on how to prepare. Each seminar is a new or revisited topic and on occasion they carry-over into an evening event like a free concert.
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We invite you to join us the third Saturday of each month (except December)!
Wilderness Fellowship Prepare Series Worship Time
Wilderness Fellowship Prepare Series Worship Time


While there is no cost for the seminars, free-will donations are accepted.
Wilderness Fellowship Prepare Series Guest Speakers
Wilderness Fellowship Prepare Series Guest Speakers

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