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“I can’t explain how wonderful it is for me to bring my Grandkids here, and see how much they enjoy what God has provided for them. What a great gift, to leave the cities and come to a relaxing place!” Grandma D

Wilderness Fellowship Prayer Cabins - A Place of Refuge and Rest
A relaxing place

We had an amazing weekend of rest, renewal and sweet family time. The S’s

Testimonial: Rest Renewal and Sweet Family Time
Rest, renewal and sweet family time

Thank you Lord for this place of refuge, where I can find shelter from the storm and peace for my troubled soul.  MC

Shelter from the storm
Shelter from the storm

I love this place so much. I love to be able to go outside and not hear cars or see “busyness.” The stars at night are awesome, and I don’t want to leave. Log Cabin

The stars are awesome
The stars are awesome

It’ so nice to come to a place where you’re showered with God’s presence. You can actually feel the prayers over the land from years before! L.H.

Showered with God's presence
Showered with God’s presence

God did speak tenderly to my heart these last three days and I am changed. Lady from St. Paul

God spoke tenderly
God spoke tenderly

My little guy put it this way, (Muddy from head to toe with water running down his rain-soaked head, with a great big smile I might add): ‘Dad, Ain’t campin’ fun!’

Testimonial: Aint Camping Fun
Ain’t Campin Fun

Thank you for the care-taking of God’s promises. Hosea 2:14   CB

Care-taking God's promises
Care-taking God’s promises

Thank you for a wonderful & refreshing weekend away with my husband! We were so blessed by the many touches of hospitality in the cabin. Thanks for your thoughtfulness & tireless work to refresh the weary. JTP

Refreshing weekend away with my husband
Refreshing weekend away with my husband