It’s been over twenty years since we were first introduced to The Wilderness. In those early years our family was involved in youth ministry and spent many days and weeks with teenagers who were struggling as they approached adulthood. The Wilderness provided a place for those growth opportunities to occur.

Over the past 25 years more than 70 teenagers became a part of our family and as a result, a part of The Wilderness as well. Our finances were often limited but still The Wilderness allowed a huge family like ours to come and have a place to rest and play. Each year, just after Christmas, all twelve of us and some additional friends, would toboggan into the Log Cabin. There as a family we played, cross-country skied, went sliding, read books and made igloos, even sleeping out in them. It was a place where we learned to work together. Christmas at the Log cabin became a tradition. It is a special place where we can bring people to share the gift of hope, family and that peace that is possible when a family is grounded in Christ’s love.

Those seasons with the children have come and gone. It will no longer be our children who run and play in the snow of The Wilderness or paddle canoes looking for frogs and turtles in the “Cheerio” pond. It will be our grandchildren. There are many places families can go, but at The Wilderness the love for God and neighbor is at the very core of those who live and work there. That is why we keep coming back. Come to The Wilderness…

Greg and Diane Olson
Champlin, MN